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    Zombie apocalypses. You either love them for their campy horror or hate them for the genuine fear of an existential crisis they put into you. Now, I’m not saying I enjoy that kind of anxiety but listen, I grew up in a world post Resident Evil, the first movie. And as scary as it was to watch as a kid, I’ve grown quite attached to the iterations of ‘world ends, now what?’ content that we have seen roll out over the years. And it has even entered the webtoon market.

    Homesick was not the usual style of webtoon I gravitated towards, considering my inclination towards syrupy sweet romance. But it has quickly become one of my favorites to follow on the Line WebToon app. With its smooth art style and genuinely interesting premise, it made me look past my own bias and enjoy it for what it is: a sincere horror with some of the most layered and intriguing characters. In Homesick, no one is quite what they seem, and they don’t hold their punches either. And I think that’s what sells it for me.

    Like, I’ve seen the Zombie Apocalypse media go places. I’ve even seen it become a heartfelt romance where a zombie and a human cure the zombies using the power of love aka Warm Bodies. But a premise where the cannibalistic monsters are a secondary threat is definitely something new. It means the real danger lies within the characters we see and what they bring to the table. Like, Homesick has some individuals that are up there on the creepy factor.

    But while some characters are definitely suspicious, there are others that feel like absolute cinnamon rolls that must be protected at all costs. And I want to talk about them. As much as some of the people in this webtoon creep me out, Ms. Freaky has created some that I adore with my entire heart. So, let’s list down the purest characters that need to be safe by the end of Homesick in a segment of Get Ranked!

    4. Navin


    Look, just because I wanted them to stay alive, doesn’t mean it actually happens. And I want to cry every single time I think of Navin, the sweet dudebro that left us all too soon.

    When we encounter Navin, we learn that he’s best friend with Kenny Luckstar. But unlike the rest of the gang, Navin is so sweet and genuinely nice to Rayne. So, when his death happens at the hands of Boss, it’s heartbreaking.

    3. Samael Keene

    Samael Keene

    Meet the co-protagonist of this series and the only one with a good head on his shoulders. Samael Keene only trusts his pet kitty, Ogre, and we stan.

    Samael knows exactly how the world has gone to hell, with everyone looking out for themselves. That’s how he plans on living too if he wasn’t a brave soul who couldn’t look the other way. He’s the reason Rayne Liebert is alive, even if he denies it.

    The boy also has to deal with annoying family such as Kenny aka the unhinged cousin, so it’s no wonder I feel for him.

    2. Rayne Liebert

    Rayne Liebert

    What’s worse than being caught up in a dystopian hellscape? Being amnesiac through it all and having mysterious powers that make no sense. I honestly feel for Rayne and the absolute amount of crap she has to go through.

    Because imagine meeting people that know you but can’t even begin to explain your origins. Imagine going around in an environment where everything is out to get you, but you don’t know who, or what, to trust. Honestly, she is going through a lot here, and it’s no wonder she’s lost most of her naivety in a world that feels like it spares no gentle soul.

    1. Tomoha


    The way I absolutely feel for my girl, Tomoha. Like, her anxiety and trying to smile in the face of it all is almost painfully relatable and I can’t help but root for her.

    She seems so peppy, the only other girl in Boss’s gang. But clearly, the girl has been through some horrifying things and back. Because she is jumpy, constantly afraid and just trying to keep it all together, lest she becomes the next to die. And she might also be the only link we have to Rayne’s past.

    Like, she recognized her at first sight. But even beyond that, Tomoha ranks first because she looks the most like she deserves a break from the horrors of Homesick. Like, cut her some slack!

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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