Top 5 Most Cringe Quotes In Anime History

    Look, anime is literally a work of art. Most of them are these gorgeously animated epics with some of the most moving plotlines along with heartfelt anime quotes that can make a grown man cry. Other times, it’s so goofy that you can’t help but do a double take at what the hell of just transpired.

    Of course, cringey anime quotes weren’t just a thing of the past. Back in the day, badly dubbed anime were the biggest offenders of this, with some truly hilarious takes during scenes. It wasn’t even the anime quote itself, but the way the VA (voice actor) would deliver them. Some of them, honestly, improvised on the fly and had no restrictions. Which lead to some genuine masterpieces. I mean, does anyone remember the God-awful dub of Ghost Stories?

    But intentional or not, there is just something so purely joyous about cringe in anime. It’s nice to see an art form not take itself too seriously, leading to genuinely comedic moments that become iconic later on. Like I have never watched the original Fate/Stay Night, and yet literally every weeb knows its most infamous line.

    Cringiest Quotes In Anime

    Amongst all these bad takes, which is the cringiest? What anime has been bestowed the honor of some of the worst quotes written in the genre? Here are my top picks for some of the best (worst?) cringe moments in anime. Let’s count down!

    1. “People Die When They Are Killed!” – Shirō Emiya (Fate/Stay Night)

    Emiya Shirou

    If I didn’t start with this, the anime FBI would be pounding down my doors with an arrest warrant.

    No seriously, who thought of this? Like, did no one notice this dialogue up as being terrible in the post-editing of the anime? The worst part is that it isn’t even meant to be a funny scene. Shirō Emiya is genuinely being sincere here, no cap.  And that just ends up making it funnier!

    But then again, Fate/Stay Night is filled with bangers like these because Shirō is the original Himbo, apparently.

    2. “I’ll take a potato chip… AND EAT IT!” – Light Yagami (Death Note)

    Light Yagami

    This is the same joke as before, except if I didn’t put this on the list, I’d be disappointed in myself.

    Death Note was one of those anime that is praised to this day for being the gateway drug to more mature anime for so many. With characters as well written as Light Yagami and L Lawliet, you’d expect some great exchanges. And there are! But then, there’s also the infamous ‘potato chip’ scene.

    Nothing is funnier than when Light eats a single potato chip with the most dramatic flair. It’s so unnecessary and so extra, but also worth it. It lives in my head rent-free!

    3. “Pornography Can Save The World!” – Taiga Okajima (Assassination Classroom!)

    Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

    I mean, what do I even say about this one? What can I say?

    The worst part is the utter sincerity with which Taiga Okajima delivers this line. Like we already know his character is a bit of an idiot. But he says it so happily, like he truly believes smut can stave off the apocalypse???

    But you know what? Such anime quotes always get a chuckle out of me, and it looks like he’d find a lot of happiness in fanfiction!

    4. “Use Me, Shu-Kun!” – Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown)

    Inori Guilty Crown

    So, fun fact: I don’t think anyone genuinely remembers this show. And that’s great because it was a horrible one. But this scene permanently scarred me as a teen, and I have to talk about it.

    I was vibing with Guilty Crown so hard, the animation was good enough that I could ignore the badly sexualized character designs. And then a major confrontation scene happens where stakes are high, and our characters are surrounded. It’s a very serious situation overall.

    And then Inori Yuzuriha literally moans at Shu Ouma, the protagonist, to ‘use her’. And he pulls a sword out of her chest while she’s still making the most questionable noises? Like, I know that doesn’t sound as bad but God, it was so uncomfortable that I had to drop the show after that.

    5. “Hey Mister! I Am Mad Scientist! It’s So Cool! Son Of A B*tch!” – Rintaro Okabe (Steins;Gate)

    Okabe Rintaro Hououin Kyoma

    This! Was! Iconic! Like say what you will, this is the one time ‘Engrish’ was utilized to its full potential.

    Rintaro Okabe was always playing up his whole ‘insane’ act, but this is the one time it came in clutch. The way he delivers this line was so, so badly done but that’s exactly what made it so authentic. It was so awkward and yet, lightened up the mood instantly.

    And as much as I think Steins;Gate is one of the best time travel anime we got, the thing I start out with introducing people to is this dumb quote. That’s how much of a standout it is!

    So, what are your top picks for the most hilarious, out-of-place quotes in anime? Sound off below!    

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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