Purple Hyacinth Review: How To Write A Mystery WebToon That Intrigues

    WebToons are often typecasted as frilly romances with rarely any meat to their plot. Which, in my humble opinion, is a disservice. WebToons are so much more than chick-lit webcomics for the romantic at heart. They can be gritty, with intrigue and world-building to pull you in and binge the entire story in one go. This is exactly what happened when I picked up Purple Hyacinth.

    WebToons like Purple Hyacinth aren’t exactly rare to find anymore. You have plenty of mystery-thrillers available on the Line WebToon app now, like Varsity Noir, Disconnected From Reality, and The Wolfman Of Wulvershire. But none have captured the attention of viewers quite as Purple Hyacinth has.

    Purple Hyacinth is a webcomic written by Ephemerys, with artwork by Sophism, that updates every Sunday. It is currently ongoing, having just entered its third season. It is the highest-ranked WebToon in both the mystery and action categories on the app right now, with an incredible rating of 9.91 stars and 95+ Million views. Now those are some incredible numbers!

    But they aren’t just for show. The story is beyond interesting. When I first started reading it, I could not put it down. It was unlike anything I had read before on the app and had me properly invested. One thing is for sure, though. This comic? It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you’re looking for a binge read for this weekend, and think the mystery is your jam, then keep on reading to see if this is the WebToon for you!

    Purple Hyacinth: The Story So Far

    Purple Hyacinth Wallpaper

    Laura Sinclair is your typical, respectful law enforcer with a tragic past. After first losing her childhood friend, Dylan Rosenthal, to a tragic bombing at the Allendale train station and then her parents to the infamous ‘Tower Massacre’, she grows up under the care of her uncle. Trying to deal with survivor’s guilt, she throws herself into her work as an officer of Patrol Unit, 1st Precinct at the Ardhalis City Police Department. While also learning how to hone her skills as a human lie detector. Though, that ability doesn’t always work out in the best way.

    After a chance encounter with the mysterious Purple Hyacinth during a case, she learns that the Phantom Scythe, a secret anarchist organization, might have had a hand in the tragedies that have occurred in her life, orchestrating even more behind the scenes. To unearth and solve the mystery unfolding, she agrees to work with the assassin, who reveals his true name: Kieran White.

    What’s The Scoop in Purple Hyacinth?

    Purple Hyacinth WebToon

    This is one heck of a story. Purple Hyacinth is not only beautifully written; it’s intriguing enough to keep you hooked. It’s really well-paced, not dragging in places like some webcomics tend to do. I mean, synopsis alone pulls you right in, with the promise of secret societies, a national conspiracy, and our protagonists, right at its heart. And the whole good-guy-teams-up-with-bad-guy dynamic? It’s downright delicious to read. And, hey, I’m not complaining about the eventual ‘enemies-to-lovers’ trope we might be getting to. I’m a sucker for it!

    This is just a gorgeously illustrated webcomic. The semi-Steampunk/Victorian-esque art style is so consistently well done, sharp but flowing effortlessly between fight scenes and the more stilled frames. And thanks to the unique interface of the WebToon app, the soundtrack that accompanies a lot of the chapters is brilliantly haunting, really adding to the entire feel of the comic and enriching the reading experience.

    Character Breakdown

    Purple Hyacinth Wallpaper

    I love the characters. Not one of them is placeholders or bland. You get to see how multi-faceted Lauren can be, from how she is with her illustrious uncle, Tristan Sinclair to her boss, Captain Hermann. The banter between Lauren and Keiran especially is so enjoyable. They are both so secretive and closed off, but open up to each other, showing a side that’s both playful and dangerous. They are mature adults, so no miscommunication shenanigans happen but that edge plays up their dynamic. And they’re just so effortlessly fun? Their first interrogation together was everything I wanted and more.

    Not a moment feels dull here because every character is utilized to their fullest potential. Every plot point is well-intentioned. It is a mystery after all, so it has to be meticulous with the details it lets the viewer know. Nothing is wasted here or added just for embellishments because even the tiniest actions matter here.

    Is Purple Hyacinth Worth The Read?

    Purple Hyacinth Wallpaper

    I think Purple Hyacinth is 100% worth picking up. This is the tale of one brave woman and how a certain chain of events finds her teaming up with an elusive assassin to dismantle a criminal organization whose roots run deeper than anyone could know.

    It’s no wonder that Purple Hyacinth is so highly rated. I mean, this is quality stuff. From art, and characters, to the story, they are all so well-done. I highly recommend this one!

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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