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    Makima (マキマ) is the Public Safety officer who took/adopted Denji as a human pet after the chainsaw incident. Her role in Chainsaw Man is to be the overseer of everything that conspires, and she is later revealed to be the Control Devil (はいあく) that has been living for thousands of years.

    Makima is the main antagonist of the Public Safety Saga and is finally put to rest after Denji eats her body. She embodies fear, control, and conquest in Chainsaw Man.

    I want to use Chainsaw Man… to create a better world.



    Makima is a light-red-haired woman who rocks a loose braid with bangs – nearly reaching her eyes. She is described as extremely beautiful and alluring, with two side bangs reaching the chest area of her shirt.

    Her yellow eyes possess multiple red circles that embody control and domination. Her choice of clothing is a regular off-white office shirt with long sleeves, a black tie, black pants, and brown-colored shoes.

    Biological Information

    Makima is a female devil who embodies the peak of strength in the current world of Chainsaw Man. Her strength comes from fear and control. However, she has already fallen at the hands of Denji.

    Since Denji ate the deceased Makima, a comeback is quite impossible – especially since there’s a new control devil in town.

    Professional Affiliations

    Makima has worked as a Peace Officer and Devil Hunter with Public Safety. She is currently affiliated with the following organizations:

    • Four Horsemen
    • Public Safety Devil Hunters
    • Tokyo Special Division 4 (Head)
    • Tokyo Special Division 5 (Head)


    Currently, no stable relationships have been known when it comes to Makima. However, she has managed to create a special bond with the following characters:

    5 DogsPets
    NayutaMakima’s Reincarnation
    Contracted HumansContractees
    Japan’s Prime MinisterContractee
    Aki HayakawaContractee

    Debut & Character Portrayal

    Tomori Kusunoki has portrayed Makima in the official Japanese version of the Anime. In contrast, Suzie Yeung has been responsible for the English version of the Anime.

    Having said that, Makima was initially revealed in the following publications:

    AnimeEpisode 1
    MangaChapter 1


    Makima has a controlling and cunning personality. She wears a smile on her face and often seems like a nice, gentle lady at first glance. However, that’s a part of her abilities as the Control Devil.

    Despite all of this, she yearns for a genuine family, but that’s not really possible due to her standing. Makima’s true personality sees people around her as nothing more than “dogs”. Therefore, in true fashion, she uses them however she likes.

    She has promised Denji a sexual romantic relationship at many points, but at the same time, she threatens to exterminate him if things don’t go her way.

    Alas, Makima’s ultimate goal is to live a happy life with Pochita for eternity. However, the Control Devil is unable to form equal relationships – therefore resulting in an all-out war.

    Character Appearances

    Makima - Chainsaw Man

    Makima has been a part of the following Arcs in Chainsaw Man:

    Intro arc
    1. Dog & ChainsawDebut
    2. The Place Where Pochita IsAppears
    3. Arrival in TokyoAppears
    4. PowerAppears
    Bat Devil arc
    5. A Way to Touch Some BoobsAppears
    6. ServiceAppears
    7. Meowy’s WhereaboutsAbsent
    8. Chainsaw vs. BatAbsent
    9. RescueAbsent
    10. KonAbsent
    11. CompromiseAppears
    12. SqueezeAppears
    13. Gun DevilAppears
    Eternity Devil arc
    14. French KissFlashback
    15. Endless 8th FloorAbsent
    16. The First TasteAbsent
    17. Kill DenjiAbsent
    18. Chainsaw vs. EternityAbsent
    19. Nobel PrizeAbsent
    20. DrinkingAppears
    21. Taste of a KissAppears
    22. Cola-Flavor Chupa ChupsAppears
    Katana Man arc
    23. GunfireAbsent
    24. CurseAbsent
    25. Ghost, Snake, ChainsawAbsent
    26. The Gun is MightierAppears
    27. From KyotoAppears
    28. Secrets & LiesAppears
    29. Perfect ScoreAppears
    30. Bruised & BatteredAbsent
    31. The Future RulesAbsent
    32. Over and Over AgainAppears
    33. Mission StartAppears
    34. Full TeamAbsent
    35. MinorAbsent
    36. Katana vs. ChainsawAbsent
    37. Train, Head, ChainsawAbsent
    38. Easy Revenge!Appears
    39. TearjerkerAppears
    Bomb Girl arc
    40. Love, Flower, ChainsawFlashback
    41. Before the StormFlashback
    42. Teach Me How to SwimFlashback
    43. Jane Fell Asleep in the ChurchMentioned
    44. Boom Boom BoomAbsent
    45. A Fine Day for ExplosionsMentioned
    46. The Melody of a MassacreAbsent
    47. Luck With WomenAbsent
    48. Kaboom Kaboom KaboomAbsent
    49. Shark HurricaneAbsent
    50. SharknadoAbsent
    51. Dark DivingAbsent
    52. Lost Love, Flower, ChainsawAppears
    International Assassins arc
    53. In a DreamAppears
    54. To Go to EnoshimaAppears
    55. Let’s GoFlashback
    56. A Curse and A FistMentioned
    57. SuddenlyAbsent
    58. Yutaro KuroseAbsent
    59. MessAppears
    60. Quanxi and Fiends’ 49-Person MassacreAbsent
    61. News ReporterMentioned
    62. Super MessAbsent
    63. Trip To HellAbsent
    64. Welcome To HellAbsent
    65. The Darkness DevilAbsent
    66. Woof!Appears
    67. The First Devil HunterAppears
    68. Dark PowerAbsent
    69. Shining PowerAbsent
    70. PinchAppears
    71. BathFlashback
    Gun Devil arc72. All TogetherAbsent
    73. Everyday Life No MoreAppears
    74. What the Waves SayAppears
    75. 9,12Appears
    76. Don’t Open ItAppears
    77. Ring Ring RingAppears
    78. Snowball FightAbsent
    79. Play CatchAbsent
    Control Devil arc
    80. A Dog’s FeelingsAppears
    81. PawAppears
    82. Always Eat A Hearty BreakfastAppears
    83. Death, Resurrection, ChainsawAppears
    84. Hero Of HellAppears
    85. Bloody Good Gut FeelingAppears
    86. Date ChainsawAppears
    87. Chainsaw Man vs. the Horrifying Weapon HumansAppears
    88. Star ChainsawAppears
    89. Go Get ‘Em, Chainsaw ManAppears
    90. Super PowerAppears
    91. Power, Power, PowerAppears
    92. Zombie, Blood, ChainsawMentioned
    93. You & Crappy MoviesAppears
    94. Chainsaw Man vs. the Weapon HumansAppears
    95. Chainsaw Man vs. Control DevilAppears
    96. This Kind of TasteAppears
    97. I, Love, ChainsawAppears

    Ability Rundown

    Makima is a devil that can control anything and everything – making her one of the strongest individuals in Chainsaw Man. As a devil, Makima relies on “fear” and “control” as her primary power source and possesses all regular devil abilities.

    She can make contracts with humans regardless of whether the contractee is willing. Makima has contracted the entirety of Japan with the Prime Minister. Therefore, any ailment or illness attacking her will automatically be transferred to a random Japanese citizen.

    Due to this ability, she can be shot or mutilated multiple times, only to stand back up again with no visible scars or damage. Before the Public Safety Saga, Makima was killed 26 times.


    Makima possesses two basic enhancement abilities that strengthen her to new heights.

    Immense Strength

    Allows Makima to make hand-to-hand combat her secondary domain without needing her loyal subordinates to do the job for the. Her strength can shatter Pochita’s chainsaws in an instant.

    Enhanced Smell

    Makima relies more on smell than sight regarding interactions. This is also her primary way of remembering people.


    Makima possesses two major Supernatural abilities that allow her to take control of others:


    This ability allows Makima to control any being she believes is inferior to her. She can use Domination’s effects to channel the abilities of any devil she has brought under her control.

    This ability is limited to living beings and can also be used to control the dead. Makima can take memories from individuals by controlling them while changing their personalities in subtle ways.

    Force Manipulation

    Makima can use an invisible force to damage targets by performing subtle actions like staring. She generally uses the phrase “Bang! (バン!)” while using this ability.

    Makima Wallpapers

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