Is Reg A Machine Or A Cyborg?

    Made In Abyss is one of those stories that are both extremely clear in their intent but, at the same time, remain very ambiguous about the state of some of its characters. But that is to be expected from an anime of its nature, which basically uses subversion to catch the viewer off guard. It’s how it makes the plot more exciting than just bleak doom-and-glam. And one of the most mysterious characters in Made In Abyss is the strange humanoid that our protagonist befriends named Reg.

    Now, Reg’s origins are widely disputed but the one thing that can be discerned is that he is a cyborg, thanks to the fact that he does have some organic body parts mixed in with his cybernetic ones. He is a relic from the depths of the Abyss who is found by Riko in the Abode of Fossils. But aside from that, we know nothing about his existence. Hell, even his name was given to him by Riko.

    But the one thing that makes him extremely important? It’s the fact that Reg is somehow immune to the Curse Of The Abyss. Which, as long-time fans know, is nothing short of a miracle in this tale. Nothing can escape the Abyss unscathed, that’s the entire point. So, for this mysterious, child-like robot to be able to ignore the Abyss’s affliction makes him a very interesting character to look at.

    And that’s exactly what we’re going to do in today’s segment of Character Analysis – where we take a look at characters from across manga, anime, and light novels and break their lore down to see what they might be hiding underneath. Through thorough analysis, we can figure out some things that even the character wiki might have not picked up. And today, our subject is sweet little Reg from Made In Abyss. So, let’s dive right in!

    Reg: Cyborg Or Machine?

    Reg Fire Wallpaper

    With how little we know about Reg’s history, it’s really hard to discern just exactly what he is. There have been brief mentions, of course, that could help us narrow it down but without a proper exposition, we can only guess.

    Reg is an aubade – A Class A artifact from the netherworld that is priceless in nature. So far, Reg is either humanoid in nature or an automaton that started out as a human being. He is a combination of various high-grade relics. It isn’t presumptuous to assume that he could be made of organic parts, seeing as he shares many specific features that only living things should have.

    It is stated that his belly button and nether regions are organic, so by that logic alone, he isn’t a complete machine. Then there is also the point where Riko comments that he has a soul, which suggests he has a higher consciousness than that of an artificially intelligent robot. Reg also seems to have working sensory organs, so it can be assumed that he was modified at some point with the relics.

    But there is also the point of the Abyss not being able to affect him, which means whatever ‘organic’ material he is composed of, it’s nothing like the humans and animals outside of the Abyss.

    How Does The Abyss Work?

    Reg MAde In Abyss

    Then there is the issue of the Abyss itself, which is this strange Eldritch horror of a space that sprung out of nowhere. It is a colossal pit that stretches down to what seems like infinity since no one has been able to map it accurately. Or come out alive, for that matter.

    It has been explored to 20,000 meters, however, so we have a vague idea of what lies till there. Each level is like its own ecosystem, with a variety of flora and fauna that defies the logic of the outside world. But the one thing all of those spaces share is a mysterious force field that some have referred to as being the ‘very blood of the Abyss, so to speak’.

    This forcefield is what feeds the Abyss, much like the Sun feeds the Earth. It’s what sustains the numerous ecosystems present inside the Abyss, according to the numerous Delvers studying it.

    Reg’s Role In Riko’s Story:

    Reg Made In Abyss

    By now, readers are already aware of Riko’s reasons for the story commencing. She aims to become a White Whistle, a high-rank Delver. Her mother, Lyza The Annhilator, was a White Whistle herself but she went missing while doing a dive.

    We have seen that there is a hidden connection between Lyza and Reg. From his mannerisms which remind Riko of her mother, to the drawings they came across in Lyza’s notes that look suspiciously like Reg, there is clearly something there to consider.

    Reg has been an undeniable support to Riko through the horrors she has been through while in the Abyss. After all, she is just a child at the end of all this. And the world of Made In Abyss is bleak. But that’s why Reg is there, to provide her with both an edge and a companion she can rely on without worrying.

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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