Is Isagi Better Than Nagi In Blue Lock?

    In this epic battle between two paired team mates, who comes on top? Welcome to Character Versus, Blue Lock ediition!

    In hindsight, there couldn’t have been a more perfect time for Blue Lock to come out. The football manga favorite has been dominating the anime world ever since its debut, right behind the current FIFA world cup. And, considering the subject matter, characters are often pitted against each other. I mean, That’s the question on everyone’s mind, right? Is Isagi is better than Nagi? While it’s a good question, it requires a little pondering!

    Again, the rivalry is just the nature of the franchise itself, which focuses more on individual characters than team-ups. Yoichi Isagi and Seishiro Nagi have mostly been shown paired up rather than facing each other. The two make a great team and have gone against some extremely worthy duos in the world of Blue Lock. But what about when you separate the wonder duo and then compare? Is Isagi better than Nagi when everything is said and done? Well, he is the show’s protagonist, so he has that plot armor going from him. But even if you put that aside, Isagi is the top player.

    But they do happen to be stronger together. It isn’t just a matter of whether Isagi is better than Nagi or vice versa, there is something to be said about how training and luck play out in the world of Blue Lock. A lot of it also has to do with natural skill, with how much potential you show off the field and potential when playing a match. And then there is the endurance itself because the Blue Lock Training Program isn’t for the faint of heart.

    So, even if you’re playing on the same side, it doesn’t mean that teamwork is permanent. Individual strength is the name of the game here, quite literally. So, you can imagine that tensions run pretty high amongst the players. And with two characters as in sync with each other as Isagi and Nagi, it’s just that more interesting to dissect. So, is Isagi better than Nagi? Let’s find that out in today’s section of Character Versus!

    Yoichi Isagi: Started From The Bottom, Now We’re The Main Character

    Yoichi Isagi - Blue Lock

    I could say so much about how Yoichi Isagi has grown since his first days playing forward at Ichinan High School. Because that’s part of his history, how his love for this sport also helped him become more single-minded about how talent should be viewed in an individual manner rather than how the Japanese standard views it.

    And that’s why the Blue Lock Training Program was such a shocker to him. Because while it was something he had entertained the idea of before, seeing it be real was something completely different. From then on, it was a constant growth. We saw Isagi go from a team player that puts more value on those around him, to an assertive player in Team Z. He has grown so much more confident, almost mean when he plays the sport. And that suits him just fine.

    He plays as the Raumdeuter, a player that works in the free spaces on the field by analyzing them and planning the best shot. He can use the pockets of unoccupied space to maneuver in a way that deceives the opposing team. He doesn’t dribble as much as the other teammates, and being a speed demon isn’t their focus. What sets Yoichi apart is his Spatial Awareness, an ability he shares with his rival Rin Itoshi. Spatial Awareness allows him to analyze the field and the players on it. This way, he can discern the exact abilities of his opponents and the weapons they utilize, thus allowing him to make accurate predictions of how the game will go down. And that is one hell of a skill.

    It also helps how he is a genius at adapting to different scenarios and making split-second decisions when things come down to the wire. Isagi can co-opt whatever move another opponent was making, ‘devouring’ it and countering the play to his benefit. So, that is a lot of power and growth from Isagi, but is it enough?

    Seishiro Nagi: Casually Being One Of The Best Players In the Series

    Seishiro Nagi - Blue Lock

    When you ask if Isagi is better than Nagi, it’s a bit of a redundant argument we’ve all had before. In a game of natural talents VS hard work, who’ll win? And Seishiro Nagi is the gifted one in this scenario. After all, despite being younger than Isagi, he was already a prodigy without even trying.

    The thing about Nagi is that he was never that interested in football in the first place. He was discovered by his best friend, Reo Mikage, to hold some amazing skills and pushed into trying the sport alongside him. From then on, the two were near inseparable. I mean, Reo has the money to back both of them, and he helped nurture Nagi’s natural skill. And so, the two ended up side by side as part of the Blue Lock 11.

    So, here’s the deal: If Isagi became good later on, Nagi always has been. He’s uncannily adept at the sport, with both speed and flexibility to back him up. His reflexes are almost unmatched. So, imagine if you gave all that raw talent an actual outlet, somewhere it could be honed and polished to perfection? Nagi usually didn’t put in much effort when training, so what happens when he does? Well, you have a downright menace on the field.

    Nagi is a Creative Midfielder, which means he uses his playful and unpredictable style to create goal-scoring opportunities. He is extremely good with maneuvering the ball and uses his keen eyesight to keep a lookout for any chance to gain a score. And boy, does he ever. Nagi is known for some of the most outrageous plays in the entire game. He has the gift of Perfect Ball Control, which you can see because if the ball even touches him, it’s his now. And no one is coming between him and a goal. He’s almost demonic with how zany his moves can get.

    Winner: Isagi Is Better Than Nagi, But Just Barely!

    Yoichi Isagi - Blue Lock

    Look, yes Isagi is better than Nagi, but that’s because he happens to be the protagonist. The entire journey for Blue Lock is so that we can see Isagi become the best Striker in the world, which is his dream. So it was always going to be Isagi getting to the top, and he’s already become extremely formidable.

    But it was pretty close. Nagi might have lost this round, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the strongest players amongst the younger gen!


    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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