Is Diablo Stronger Than Rimuru?

    I mean, yeah, Diablo follows the Slime King pretty blindly. But what if they were on opposing sides?

    So, it’s kind of a known fact that Rimuru is one of the strongest individuals in That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, and that those working under him aren’t exactly shabby either. But what about some of his most loyal people, what if they are put against him? For example, is Diablo stronger than Rimuru? Rimuru is pretty powerful, even as a slime, but how does he fare against dwellers of a world he only entered a short while ago? Let’s discuss this.

    Rimuru Tempest might just be an amorphous ball of goop, but he is the king of the Tempest of the Jura Forest, a monster kingdom he built from the ground up. So, no, Rimuru is still stronger. But Diablo, also known as Noir, is one of his most loyal servants, acting as his secretary and sometimes bodyguard. Before that, Diablo was an Arch Daemon, who only didn’t secure a higher position solely because he didn’t want to. So, is Diablo stronger than Rimuru, his master, in that case? Honestly, no. And there are multiple reasons for that, but the biggest is that Rimuru was always going to be OP.

    Now, by that, I mean that Rimuru is already petitioned as the strongest character in the franchise the moment he was Isekai’d away from his life as a boring old salaryman, Satoru Mikami, into the body of a slime ball. Like, he had to have some perk, if he couldn’t even be vaguely humanoid. And that perk turned out to be a big one. From that point forward, the plot revolves around Rimuru’s literal devouring of the most powerful around him or turning them to his side. And it was in his latest upgrade that he got Diablo.

    But just because Rimuru is powerful, does that mean he can take a potential Demon Lord? Well, kind of. The question here is whether Diablo is better than Rimuru when we talk about skills and powers alone. Not whether Diablo would ever turn on Rimuru, because that’s unlikely. But a little friendly fire between friends never hurt anyone. So, let’s break it down in today’s Character Versus!

    Rimuru Tempest: One Slime To Rule Them All?

    Rimuru Tempest - That Time I Got Resurrected As A Slime

    I mean, while the other powerful Demon Lords exist out there, Rimuru Tempest happens to be the strongest of them all. It’s why he’s the only one with the title of ‘True Demon Lord’. No one simply comes close. So, it’s hard to see Diablo as stronger than Rimuru. But the reason for that was established at the very start of the show.

    While Rimuru didn’t originate in this world filled with Sorcery, he quickly made it his own. Despite his unassuming form, Rimuru houses one of the most greedy powers in existence: the Predator ability, which allows him to absorb the powers of any individual he comes across and mimic them. This means that an entire arsenal of powers is open to him if he so wishes. And the very first thing he comes across is a Storm Dragon known as Veldora. Rimuru helps him out in a pinch to set him free from his prison, and in doing so, absorbs him. Turns out, Veldora was no average being. The vacuum of his power rescinding left behind gives Rimuru the perfect opportunity to take control.

    And it’s from here on out that Rimuru vows to use his powers for his comfort. After all, if he’s the most powerful, he won’t have to deal with being hunted in a foreign world such as this. And so, Veldora’s powers enhanced his own, leading him to evolve as a magic user, even if he is still just a slime. Most of it is due to the Predator’s skill but there is also one thing people often overlook: Rimuru’s Intelligence.

    The fact that he has a lot of knowledge about how this Isekai world works, has helped him tremendously. His ability to plan and outmaneuver those opposing him has been his number 1 fallback when his powers alone don’t cut it. And that means sometimes, things take unexpected turns. But coupling up an ability that gives you a roster of powers to pick through with adaptability and intellect, makes Rimuru worthy of being as powerful as he is.

    Diablo: The Devil (Lord) Is In The Details!

    Diablo - Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

    With Diablo, it’s important to remember that he isn’t a novice. The guy is around the same power levels as someone like Ash Crimson, who is arguably the second most powerful individual after Rimuru. Being stronger isn’t the issue here. The problem is, he just doesn’t care to flex that power for his gain. All Diablo craved was the thrill of the battle. Once that was gone, he would just stop fighting because an easy battle is not his style.

    I mean, the guy is nearly invincible. Or at least, every time someone has tried killing him off, he just comes back like nothing ever happened. And his list of powers just keeps on going. Beyond having just superhuman abilities such as enhanced speed, durability, and strength, he is also a master of the dark magic that is key to this world. He is adept at fighting both at face value, and then also at strategizing battles from afar. I mean, when you’re second-in-command, that sort of thing should be your ballpark.

    However, I think his most underrated ability is his mind control powers. Diablo can, quite literally, make individuals do anything he wishes en masse. And we saw this happen when he turned a horde of demons into following Rimuru. But herein lies the issue: It was all for Rimuru. His eccentricity might be his most interesting asset, but it’s unpredictable. With all that said, is Diablo stronger than Rimuru?

    Winner: Rimuru Is Stronger Than Diablo!

    Rimuru Tempest

    I mean, this was kind of a given. No matter how strong Diablo is, he can’t catch up to Rimuru. Especially now, with Rumuru’s recent update increasing his powers tenfold.

    Maybe at the very start of the series, Diablo was more powerful. But that isn’t the case anymore. Rimuru wins this one, hands down!

    Now, the world is Rimuru’s. Quite literally. But hey, it’s a good thing Diablo is so enamored by Rimuru, and follows him blindly. It’s always best to get along, right?


    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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