Is Anya x Damian Canon?

    Spy X Family happened to be the biggest hit of the Spring anime season this year, and it’s not hard to see why. You’d think something more brazen would take its place but, no. Apparently a lot of weebs out there really related to the themes of found family and wholesome action that the franchise is built upon. I mean, who doesn’t love three random loners coming together and building a family out of nowhere? And, of course, all our love belongs to the pink haired angel Anya. But does someone else’s too?

    Look, Damian Desmond and Anya Forger are way too young to be shipped together, but manga readers know that it’s a direction the story has been going for a while now. In the anime, we saw hints of how little Lord Damian might have just teensiest little crush on her. Which makes me believe that Damian X Anya? Totally going to be a canonical ship in the future. And I’d love to see it.

    We already know absolutely hilarious the two can be when put in situations together. It’s also important to note that Loid Forger’s main target happens to be Damian’s father, Donovan Desmond. Which makes Anya and Damian unlikely antagonists. And who doesn’t love a good enemies-to-lovers situation? With Anya’s clear smugness bringing rich boy Damian down? This is a fanfiction just waiting to happen.

    They are clearly being set up in a very specific way, and as the manga goes on, we might see more interactions in the future. For now, do we have any specific hints that their relationship is going to be canon in the future? Let’s discuss that in Lore Analysis – the sections where we take a closer look at the plot of popular manga and anime and try to predict where it might be headed. Today, it’s the tiny troublemakers!

    Damian And Anya: From Opposing Sides, Can Love Blossom?

    Anya x Damian

    It’s really hard not to love Anya. Hell, even Loid couldn’t part from her, even for the ease of his mission. Anya is just very endearing and adorable. And, honestly, when a little kid goes through as much as she has? She deserves all the care and adoration in the world.

    Anya tries her hardest to keep this family together. She knows that her dad is a spy. Something Yor Forger, the mother, doesn’t know. But then again, Loid isn’t aware she’s a world class assassin. So, Anya plays it to her advantage. She knows the family stays together if this mission of Loid’s keeps going at a successful rate and the key is to get close to the Desmonds. How does she do that? By becoming his friend of course!

    This is where Anya miscalculates a little. See, despite all her powers, she can’t really control her own reactions. Which are those of a barely aged toddler. So, she and Desmond start off not as buddies, but as adversaries who despise each other. Except that’s not it either, considering how Damian blushes and splutters around her when she is in distress.

    Then there is the case of how he views her in this rosy light of a puppy crush. But, again, they are kids. And Damian does not know how to navigate romance, so what do little boys do when they like little girls? They act like snot-nosed brats and bully them for attention!

    How The Main Goal Of The Anime Is Finding Love, In The Most Unlikely Places:

    Anya x Damian Spy x Family

    In the end, despite her mind-reading powers, she’s still just a kid who had been traumatized from shifting foster home to foster home.

    She’s seen what people do when they don’t like you, she knows exactly how horrible it feels when you’re picked and abandoned every time. So now, when she finally finds herself in a home with a responsible father and loving mother, she’ll do anything to keep it.

    That’s honestly what all of them want: acceptance and love from someone without it being a transaction. Yor has found a normalcy that she envied in the woman around her, Loid is playing it up under the pretense of a mission, but really, he’s grown close to his fake wife and daughter. Even Desmond is just trying his best to get his father’s approval.

    Everyone can use someone on their side. Everyone deserves a family that loves them. That’s the point of the story.


    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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