All Revealed Hitogami’s Apostles: Ranked!

    The Man-God is getting a lot of attention this season on Mushoku Tensei. But who are the Hitogami's Apostles?

    It was only a matter of time before we ranked all the revealed Hitogami’s Apostles in Mushoku Tensei, considering we’ve already done the same for the 7 Great Powers from the same series. And yes, I say revealed, because the way Hitogami worked was never fully disclosed. Considering how old he is, he might’ve had more lackeys under him. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. I mean, who even are these Apostles and why does their ranking matter? 

    Well, this all happened because Hitogami, more commonly known as the Man-God, was technically trapped away in a Void World that was separate from the Human World, he couldn’t physically appear to do the things he needed to do in order to complete his goals. And so, he took the help of his Apostles, who are humans and demons alike that he uses to continue his missions where he cannot physically manifest. And he does that by appearing in their dreams and ‘guiding them’ towards action.

    I say guidance with a grain of salt, because if you’ve read our previous article about the Man-God Hitogami, you already know that he is up to something shady. So, that guidance is more akin to manipulation. But the Apostles play a big part in all of this because of how they inherently trust the Man-God and end up doing his bidding. Not to mention that he approaches them through their dreams, so he has an intimate look at who they are and what they hold valuable, meaning he can twist words to make them believe what he wants.

    But again, this isn’t about the Man-God. What we need to see is how these Apostles rank up against one another. And while the list isn’t very long, considering how Hitogami can only have a few Apostles at any given moment, it is still fierce competition. But now that we have the introduction to the Apostles out of the way, here are all the revealed Hitogami’s Apostles and what position they hold in another round of Get Ranked

    5. Geese Nukadia

    Geese Nukadia

    Geese Nukadia is probably the weakest out of all of Hitogami’s Apostles when ranked, because of how he’s basically just a thief who’s good at deception and map making. 

    Although Geese is the last of the Demon Race Nuka Tribe and an S-Rank Adventurer, he doesn’t really have any combat skills. Which automatically sells him short. He does happen to provide solid support in the Fangs Of The Black Wolf, the party he joined, in the form of a Jack-Of-All-Trades. But that’s really about it. As a fighter against any member on this list, Geese doesn’t hold up. So he wouldn’t be fighting any of the other Apostles anytime soon. 

    At best, Geese Nukadia is good for navigating through things. But as an actual Apostle in Hitogami’s control? He’s pretty much on the lower end. 

    4. Dark King Vita

    So, a slime creature being on this list does not surprise me one bit. Mushoku Tensei is an Isekai with many different races depicted in it. But Nether King Vita belongs to one of the stranger ones.

    As the King of the Netherworld, a kingdom in the Divine Continent that resembles a labyrinth, Vita holds a lot of power. It’s also why he was one of those people that fought against Rudeus during the final battle. And his illusion based powers are very tricky to break out of, considering how he uses people’s minds against them. However, he does have a weakness and that is the Death God Laxus, who ironically became the reason for his demise. 

    So, while Vita is still more powerful than someone like Geese, he isn’t ranking very high on the list. The other Apostles are simply much stronger. 

    3. Badigadi


    Badigadi is a strong contender for being the most powerful amongst the revealed Hitogami’s Apostles we know about. However, considering he was defeated by Rudeus not once, but technically twice? You kind of have your answer. 

    Badigadi is not only an Apostle, but he also happened to be the former Fighting God, one the 7 Great Powers. Which, as we know, are 7 of the most powerful beings in the world. And Badgadi lives up to his reputation, with how he doesn’t even let dismemberment phase him. However, that could be because he’s part of the Immortal Demon race. Nevertheless, he lives for the challenge of a good fight, which is why he is the Fighting God. 

    So, amongst everyone on this list? Badigadi is a solid choice for one of the strongest, if only he hadn’t been defeated by Rudeus when he became one of the final antagonists of Mushoku Tensei.

    2. Aleksander Ryback (Kalman III)

    Aleksander Ryback (Kalman III)

    Kalman III is one of the only Apostles besides Rudeus who was able to break away from Hitogami’s influence, so you know he’s pretty powerful. 

    But that’s what you’d expect from him, as the North God who inherits the sword style of his father and grandfather, also powerful in their own right. Aleksander Ryback, his actual name, is an extremely capable combatant. I mean, he was able to make Orsted, the Dragon God and current most powerful individual in the series, actually take their fight seriously. So, underestimating him is not a smart idea. 

    However, he did end up losing to Orsted and had an entire identity crisis so, maybe he isn’t the strongest in his conviction. Kalman III was alsio defeated by Rudeus, so take from that what you will.  

    1. Rudeus Greyrat

    Rudeus Greyrat

    This is a surprising one, I admit that. I mean, the protagonist himself answering to the Man-God? But yes, Rudeus Greyrat was technically one of Hitogami’s Apostles. 

    So, just like the others, he approached Rudeus through his dreams, initially as a helping hand. He first appeared right after the Mana Calamity, asking him to aid Ruijerd. But instantly, Rudeus knew something was up. So, while he did listen to Hitogami, he didn’t fully trust him. Which is why I ranked Rudeus on top of the list because, in the end, Hitogami was doing all of this to prevent Rudeus’s own children from existing. Because it was those children that were prophesied to kill him someday. 

    Besides, it’s not like Rueus Greyrat isn’t the most powerful person, considering his position in the web novel. Hell, he’s defeated a number of characters on this list as well. 

    So, this is how I think all of the revealed Hitogami’s Apostles end up ranking. Of course, this isn’t definitive. Hell, not even the Man-God’s state is really confirmed at this point. But if you think we made a mistake in the power levels here, sound off below!

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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