Is Gojo Satoru Coming Back?

    Congratulations to Gege Akutama, the only mangaka I know that has achieved his goal of being on his own fans' hit lists. We all know why, but if you don’t? Spoiler alert: Gojo Satoru...

    Next Best Thing: Are Light Novels Worth Reading?

    Light novels have blown up hugely in the last decade or so and it isn’t hard to see why. Sure, they’ve existed for a...

    Is Anime Better Than Marvel?

    This is one of the more ‘out there’ topics I’ve chosen to write about. Like I can imagine two 13-year teenaged boys getting really...

    Will Senku Fall in Love?

    Stoic protagonists who don’t understand love are plenty in anime. But with Dr Stone, we gget to see a new take on it. The...

    Has Kimetsu No Yaiba Ended?

    Even if you aren’t a big-time anime enthusiast, you’ve heard of Kimetsu No Yaiba. After the release of two stellar anime seasons and an...
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    Light Novels

    Will Kiyotaka Ayanokoji Break Up With Karuizawa Kei?

    Shipping is one of the main appeals for me when I’m watching an anime. It doesn’t matter if that ship exists or not, or...

    Romance Light Novels To Make You Swoon in 2023

    Who doesn’t need a little love sometimes? Romance is one of those genres that exist easily in every other genre. Seriously, pick up any...

    Mushoku Tensei: Is The Story Completed?

    I feel like I speak for everyone when I say this: getting invested in a story like Mushoku Tensei, only to be left at...

    Why Are Light Novel Titles So Long?

    God, do we remember the gone-by days of Wattpad fanfiction? Like, the novel-length stories with bad self-insert protagonists and a bad boy version of...

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